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"So. xvideo gay This big news?" Jerry had been about to start his xvideos com second burger, xvideos teen but decided he wasn't hungry right then. Slowly, he folded it up in the foil and put it back in the sack with x-videos the rest of the www xvideos fries. "Well?" It was worse, not having the steering wheel and the road in front of him to focus on. Finally xvideos porn he blurted it out. "I'm gay, Dad." "I guessed." Jerry felt a short, sharp xvideos anal shock inside himself. He found himself thinking, Then why the fuck didn't you say something about it? Even while the thought went through x.videos his mind, he wwwxvideos knew it wasn't fair. His dad continued. "Back after that call from Karl's dad, you said you didn't think any of your friends were gay. You didn't say anything about not being tamil xvideos gay yourself. That was kind of a big clue right there. "Even before that, we were pretty xvideos video certain though. All those gay Internet sites. And it's pretty obvious when you see a guy you think is hot. Even your sister noticed once, xvideos xvideos the way you were staring at one of the basketball players in the food court." "Oh, shit." "Language." His dad was laughing at him, though. Asshole. Then he thought about what else his dad had said. "Internet sites? Wh-what do you mean--" "Idiot child. Did you think the kid minder was the only way we knew x videos.com what porno xvideos you were doing on the Web? Every site anyone looks at on our home network is registered on the household modem. Which keeps a xvideos japan log your mother and I look at every so often. Jerry thought about what that meant. "Fuck!" His dad glanced briefly at him. "I have to say, looking at some of those sites with your mom provided some of the most xvidos.com embarrassing moments I've ever had, in 18 years of marriage." Jerry rested his head on the dashboard. Oh, shit. It was all too much. To his horror, he could feel his chest tightening and xvideos hd tears starting to collect in his eyes. Shit, I'm breaking down, he thought. Just what I fucking need. Despite his best intentions, a sob broke through. "Jerry? Jerry!" Suddenly his dad's hand was on his shoulder. He glanced up; his dad was steering one-handed. "It's okay. You're fine. We're fine with it. Sorry for winding you up. It's just such a relief, you know, to finally xvidoes get to talk about it." "Wh-what do you mean?" "Well, hell, we've known this big thing about you for a year now, nearly. But all the xvidio books, they say to let your child come out to you in his www.xvideo own time. So we didn't say anything, even when that idiot thing came up with the hd xvideos Westergrens. And hd xvideos pretending we didn't x video.com know what was going on with Karl." His dad glanced xxx videos at desi xvideos him again. "Was he your boyfriend?" "No!" "Have you had a boyfriend?" "No!" His dad paused. "You know, I think this is where I'm supposed to have the safe sex talk with you. God knows we'll all be happier if I can tell your mother I took care of it without her needing to get involved." "You already told me about that! And it was covered in health class last year, and in grade seven, and in grade six!" "Not gay sex, it wasn't." "Yeah, Dad, it was. Even in that www.xvideo.com booklet you and japanese xvideos Mom gave me." "Then you can correct me if I get anything wrong." The next half-hour or xvidio so made xvideos hd Jerry want to pour Drano in hd xvideos his ears. To his surprise, though, he actually did learn new things he hadn't known before. Partway xvidios through, he took out the now-cold xvido hamburger and finished x videos eating it. He was convinced that thinking about food was the only way he got through the conversation without his brain liquifying. "And that's all I have to say about xvideos indian xvidoes that," his dad finally concluded. In the process, xvideos brasil his dad also said the expected things about respecting his partner and about sex being more meaningful when it was a way of connecting to another person, not just having an orgasm. Jerry wasn't sure he agreed with that one entirely. xvidos Maybe it was true for older folks who weren't as pumped full of hormones as teenagers were. Then he thought about how he had felt when he realized that for the other guys it was just getting off, while he wanted xvideos xvideos something more x video.com than that. Okay, I guess it's about more than just sex for me too, he thought. Fortunately, his gay xvideos dad didn't want to know any more than he already knew about xxx videos what all had happened with porn xvideos Karl, or what Jerry and the guys used videos x to get up to together. He did, however, xvedio caution Jerry again about not doing things with xvideo com anyone who was as screwed up as Karl seemed xxxvideo to be, at least not while he was still in high school. ################################################ Being out to his folks made less of a difference than Jerry would have thought. Shortly after they got home, Jerry, his dad, and his mom met in the study, and went over the highlights of the discussion--without most xvideos indo of the embarrassing details, thank God. For a bit it seemed like his mother wanted to have the xvideos video safe-sex talk again, and Jerry xvideos 2 started to wonder if slitting his wrists was really just as bad an idea as everyone said it was. Fortunately, his dad was xvideos.com able to head things off. Seeing the xvideo com look of relief on his mom's videos x face afterwards, he realized that she probably wasn't any more anxious to have the conversation than he was. She'd been willing to do it, though, if she thought he needed it. It made him feel kind of good xvideos.con afterwards, thinking that his folks cared about him that much. It was several days before he was able to think about it like that, though. They kept things pretty quiet around the house. All of them agreed that his little sister was too young to know and keep a secret like that. They xvideos indo also talked about whether they should get involved xvideo com in PFLAG. His mom thought it would be free xvideos a good idea. His immediate thought was, Shit www.xvideo.com no! He didn't want to do anything that would let anyone at all know he was gay who didn't already know. Finally, he agreed to think about it. He hoped the idea would die away on its own if he didn't say anything. After a week or two, though, he realized that he did feel more relaxed. It took him a while to figure out x vedios just xvideos in why. Eventually he decided it xxxvideos was because his folks knew about him being gay, and it didn't xvideos gays change what they thought about him. Knowing that made him xvidos.com feel less freaky about himself as well. If they xvideos gay thought he was still the same person, even xvideos indian though he was gay, then maybe he really was. ################################################ Looking around to a school year with no xvideos. com sex, xvids he thought things were going to be pretty dull. Still, after the close calls and social weirdness of the last year, he thought it was a good idea to lie low. It's not as if he had a lot of options he'd be giving up. xvideos japan After a while, though, he found to his surprise that he was actually enjoying things more xvideos 2 than he had the year before. Part of it, he was sure, was simply being xvidoes older and more used to things. Not xvideos .com being a freshmen anymore, he wasn't the low man on the social scale. Besides that, it seemed like all the different social groups xvideos. com were splitting off more from each other. xvideos japan Oddly enough, that seemed to make people more tolerant of each other. It's like they weren't competing for the same space anymore. The stoners went off and did their thing, the jocks did their thing, the geeks did their thing. Mostly they all left each other alone. More than that, Jerry started to realize just how much tension he'd been under, trying to xvideos japanese walk the tightrope xvideos indonesia of messing around with the guys without anyone figuring out porn xvideos he was gay. xvideos indian All of them, he decided, faced with the unfamiliar scariness of x video.com high school, had www xvideos com kind of clung together socially, even after it had become xxvideo obvious that they were all going in different directions. Getting together xvideo to jack xvideos porn off had been xvideos indonesia a xvieos kind of escape. A fun escape, but one he didn't miss as much as he'd expected. Though orgasms with someone else really were better than using the x-videos self-service pump, as Weird Al put it. ################################################ Jerry's freshman year, he'd gone out for band, playing the clarinet--continuing from eighth grade. He'd thought about dropping it, but finally shrugged his shoulders and decided to give it another year. To his surprise, now that he was out xvideos xvideos of freshman band, the whole thing was a lot more fun. Jerry also started porno xvideos spending lunches hanging out with the chess club, where he found out that geek or not, he wasn't nearly xvideos in as smart--or as socially backward--as some of the other kids in school. www.xvideos.com wwwxvideos.com And he started working as a photographer for the annual. Ever since sixth grade, when his folks had bought xvido him his first cheap camera, he'd enjoyed photography. He decided it was time he did something more with it, besides just taking pictures for the annual Christmas letter and calendar his folks www xvideos sent out to the rest of the family. An extra side benefit desi xvideos was the pictures he got to take every now and then that showed another boy's shirt pulled tight against his chest, or the intense look of focused concentration on the face of a chess player or basketball player about to make a move, or the drops beading down a swimmer's back. Copies of those pictures made it into a special photo album he kept in the drawer next to his bed, along with a small bottle of baby oil. His very favorite was a picture xvideos anal of one of the senior basketball players, grinning just after he'd made a shot. Jerry fantasized getting a look like that from another boy someday, x videos just as he was about to get undressed. That picture wound up as the centerpiece for one of the pages in the annual. He wondered how many other girls--and maybe guys--in the school masturbated over it, besides him. The only one xvideos mom of the guys from the old jacking-off group that Jerry got together with anymore was Dale. To his surprise, the other boy sought him out a couple of weeks after school started. Telling him about the www.xvideos com conversation Jerry'd had with his dad, especially the safe sex talk, almost had Dale rolling off his bed laughing. Ever since then, they'd gotten together every couple of weeks just to shoot the shit. Jerry wasn't completely sure xxvideos why. Somehow, it was like xvidio the experience of being around when everything had gone all to shit, and the xvedios conversations they'd had around that time, made some kind of connection with them, so that they could share whatever was going on in their lives without worrying about it. Jerry also thought that maybe Dale, hanging out mostly with the other jocks, didn't have as much of a chance as he liked to talk about people and his observations about them. He had a wicked way of seeing through to what was xvideos hentai really going on inside people. More than once he said things that startled Jerry about people he thought he already knew well. xx videos But Dale indian xvideos always seemed to be right, as best Jerry could tell. Dale and Paul had grown apart. "I guess it was always gonna happen," he said. Paul had gotten focused on girls, and less and less focused on his schoolwork. He didn't have much time for xvedios Dale nowadays. Dale, on the other x video hand, had ambitions. He had to work sometimes for his grades, xvideos free but he already had thoughts about what he wanted xvideoss to do after school. Jerry admired that, while at the same time admitting that he wasn't nearly that ambitious. College was still three years away, after all. He www xvideos.com knew that he planned to go to college. That was plan